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Meant To Fly When love hurts too bad to hold on; when, where and how do you draw the line? In the exciting sequel to Daddy’s Kinda Jazz, the struggles of balancing life in the spotlight with their commitment to one another test the limits of love for soulmates Melody and Shannon. As if the temptations and pressures of fame and fortune weren’t enough, Katina – Shannon’s baby mama – is released from prison after three and a half years, with her heart and mind fixated on reclaiming the man and family she lost. Melody and Shannon were sure their life together was on cruise control, drifting towards their happily ever after. It appeared they, along with Shannon’s eight year old daughter Nia were destined for the fantasy life they always dreamed of. Too bad, just beyond the borders of their white picket fence, demons and enemies from their pasts lurked – waiting for an opportunity to destroy all that they’ve built together.

In the aftermath, Melody, Shannon and even Katina come to learn new things about themselves and each other, forcing them all to view their worlds in a new light – and to question everything they thought they were sure of before. Things once considered impossible, suddenly don’t seem so unreasonable. Life-tested and battle-scared, each of them has to search deep within themselves to figure out when, where, how and which lines to draw.


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