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Does unconditional love die?  That’s what world renowned jazz artist Art Weathers and his struggling daughter Melody have to figure out – and they don’t have much time to do it.  After being estranged from her for nearly seven years, Art’s life is sucked into an out of control whirlwind and he is catapulted out of the hollow façade he’s been living in since losing his family.  Desperate for love, Art thrusts himself back into his daughter’s life – not a second too soon.  The tailspin that Melody is caught in is rapidly approaching rock bottom.  Despite the barriers that separated them in the first place and the lingering bitterness between Art and his ex-wife Camella, Art and Melody set out on a journey to answer that question over a summer long jazz tour.

 Before the tour starts, Art is inspired by and hires a talented young local band that features Shannon Baptiste – a talented, but troubled young vocalist, who is struggling to overcome the hurdles created by his own past.  From one jam packed jazz festival to the next, against the beautiful backdrop of soothing music and summer nights, they all find the answer to that question – and it’s much more than any of them expected.


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