Who Me?

I always did like people like you,

Someone that learns from their mistakes and all the crap they’ve been through.

Yeah, I see the worry in your eyes and the concern on your face,

But, I respect you so much for not being content staying in the same place.

Even though other people don’t have the same confidence in you that you have in yourself,

You’ve never been the type to base your decisions off someone else.

So now you’re facing me – the sum of all your fears,

And everything that needs to be

said is said with your tears.

And I can tell by how high you’re holding your head,

How committed you are to facing the challenges ahead.

You know that Christ strengthens you and with Him you can do all things.

Yet you still ask, “Who me?”  Like you don’t believe you can accomplish your dreams.

So with all the love, respect, confidence and sincerity I got I look in the mirror and said “Yes you!  Why not?”

P. Vincent Rivers

headshot7P. Vincent Rivers is a native of Orlando, FL.  He is a 2002 Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from Florida A&M University and proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.  He began writing Cracked Doors in 2000, during his last year at FAMU.  Half done and sitting on a flash drive for years, the story remained forefront on his  heart and mind.  Finally ten years into his pharmacy career, his love of creative writing led him to complete the book and dedicate himself to creating compelling stories, memorable characters and books that touch readers’ hearts.

Upon completion of his first novel, what was poised to become the start of his writing career, actually was the beginning of a 24 month sentence resulting from a federal indictment.  Just two days after the release of Cracked Doors, he turned himself in to the Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, FL.  Like always he turned to creative writing as a way to express the full gamut of emotions he went through.  From the disappointment he felt in himself to the love and support he got from his family and friends, he channeled his experience into creating two powerful novels.  Once released in early 2014, he immediately began preparing the first of those two novels “Daddy’s Kinda Jazz” for publication.  He considers his release as a “new lease on life” and is excited about his efforts to reinvent himself in a career as a novelist.  He currently resides in Orlando, FL and is hard at work writing his next novel…and the next chapter of his own success story.