Dear You,
Words can’t express how much I appreciate your interest in my writings. It has truly been a labor of love creating them. I hope you enjoy and benefit from reading them as much as I have from writing them. Writing for me has been my sounding board during times of happiness and a shoulder to lean on in times of sorrow. It has been a voice for questions during times of confusion and a stabilizing refuge during times of chaos. It is my hope and prayer that, in some way, my stories have a positive affect on your journey. For those that know me and have been a part of shaping my life’s experiences, thank you. Good, bad and indifferent, I appreciate them all, because God has used them to create the man that I am today. For those that I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting YET, I look forward to introducing myself to you through my stories. I humbly share my life’s experiences and lessons learned through characters and stories that realistically represent the ups and downs of life and the beautiful way they can help each of us evolve and transcend into more loving, caring, understanding and stronger people.

Much love, P. Vincent


When love hurts too bad to hold on; when, where and how do you draw the line?  In the exciting sequel to Daddy’s Kinda Jazz, the struggles of balancing life in the spotlight with their commitment to one another test the limits of love for soul mates Melody and Shannon.

As if the temptations and pressures of fame and fortune weren’t enough, Katina – Shannon’s baby mama – is released from prison after three and a half years, with her heart and mind fixated on reclaiming the man and family she lost.  Melody and Shannon were sure their life together was on cruise control, drifting towards their happily ever after.  It appeared they, along with Shannon’s eight year old daughter Nia were destined for the fantasy life they always dreamed of.